What is Nativa Wellbeing?

Nativa Wellbeing provides thoughtfully designed sessions and events to help you cultivate self love and growth through customized energy healing, guided meditation, workshops, retreats and rituals. In conjunction with your breath, innate creativity, and introspection, we will make space for your own form of self-care and love.

Services are open to all and customized to fit your mind, body, and spirit's needs.

Creative Introspection

When you book a session with Nativa Wellbeing, you will be given the space to allow your mind to relax, your heart to open and your creativity to blossom. Ashley is an advocate of using creativity as a form of self-reflection. Creative Introspection activities are included in all blended sessions and are tailored to your unique path.

Straightforward Techniques

Simple Reiki Session

Intention Consultation

Energy Clearing Follow Up

Blended Sessions

Grounding & Protection

Clarity & Focus

Making Space for Self-Love

Self Care Day Package

Events & Workshops

1:1 Sessions San Antonio 2/22

Womxn's Winter Camping 2/15

Womxn's Spring Camp + Retreat 3/21

You may not know it or feel it, but I want you to know that you are a person worthy of love. I believe in your own ability to heal emotional wounds and create changes that help to develop a deeper awareness and respect of your needs. The path to embracing your authenticity is one which you create but I am here to help you in the process. I love you and am here to help you find your own path to self-awareness, self-acceptance and self-love. Welcome!

Me dijeron, "Tú has cambiado."

with your soul

con tu alma

be soft

when you start

sea suave

cuando comienzas

Yo dije "claro!"

They told me, "You've changed."

to grow



una vez

and again

y otra

I said "Of course!"


Meditation is a not an art to be perfected. It is a practice you must return to consistently, shifting and adjusting just as the changes in your life, mind and spirit occur. In the following guide, I share with you a 3-week practice to get you started into a mindful present that has transformative powers. I have included tips, tricks, and self-reflection prompts to help you break down self-imposed barriers and ultimately put you in a place where you can expand into your own path of self-awareness and mindful living.

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Nativa Wellbeing

M/W/S 9-2

Hill Country Location: Bandera, Texas

San Antonio: 1st & 3rd Friday in Temple Pop-Up