Nativa Wellbeing is here to help guide you through the steps of self-discovery and awareness as you make your own path to wellbeing and self love. Ashley Casillas blends creativity, mindfulness, energy healing, holistic health and spiritual traditions to bring balance to your mind, body and spirit.

She believes that our personal story and how we interact with its past and present hold the key to living and loving fully. When you are ready to begin, Nativa is here to offer you guidance and support.

"For many years in my life, I lived through action and plans. I was always going, always social and always trying to achieve that so called successful life. Although I do not regret my decisions in the past, I do recognize that I lacked something fundamental- self love and my own authentic purpose.


There came a point in life where my lifestyle and focus had to shift. My body and mind were craving attention and love. It took many rough times of confusion and pain to finally decide to commit to starting a new way of life but slowly, I began a new path where my health became a priority and I started to learn how to embrace myself as a human being worth love and compassion.


Through my own health and wellness journey, I have been able to reclaim my life and emotions and understand how they influence my actions. I have managed my depression and anger and decreased my anxiety. One step at a time, I learned (and continue to learn) how to live with honesty and compassion as my guide. By learning how to see both shadow and light, I am finally able to say 'I love me' and move forward in ways I never imagined.

I am deeply interested in how introspection and creativity help us foster connection and expansion. Maintaining balance in life is sometimes overwhelming but I am here to help you make at least one good decision that will lead to another. I would love to help you on your own path and am always here to support you."


wellbeing & energy facilitator

carpenter & designer

The University of Texas • Austin, Texas

B.A. Latin American Studies

B.A. Spanish

Reiki II • San Antonio, Texas

Herbal Medics Academy • San Antonio, Texas

Introduction to Herbal Medicine

Institute of Integrative Nutrition

Certified IIN Health Coach

Health is something everyone has and can achieve. If you are afraid your financial status is keeping you from using my service, please ask me about special offers.


Overcame Depression • Sober Lifestyle • Taught Myself Construction • Had an Art Show • Fell in Love • No More Cystic Acne • Trust


Tendency to Isolate • Procrastinator • Always Always Changing • Anxiety • Hard on Myself • Perfectionist


Nature • Meditation • Design • Art • Travel • Love for Self • Love for All • Herbalism • Real Food • Help Others Find their Joy


Create • Love Myself • Help Others • Design my Desert Getaway • Equilibrium in my Mind, Body, Spirit, Soul • Win the Lottery

I am doing this work because this is something I am meant to do. I care deeply about helping people to find their voice, understand their unique individuality and celebrate their role in the community. I promise to give you space to be at ease with your discomfort; I will not judge you. I will always work to make sure my services can reach all communities. I will honor your boundaries and always listen with an open heart.

Through one on one sessions and group workshops, I will help facilitate your growth in the path you choose for your own healing process. Finding your healing path happens when you are open to doing the work and also expanding within yourself and the community.

That being said, I will also honor myself. My space and services require respect from my side as well as yours. My boundaries and space are sacred and anyone who comes to my space must be respectful of my space and energy. I also ask that you ask yourself if you are ready to put in the work before you come for Reiki or any other energy healing session. This is an effort that we will go into together.

If you are ready, I am here.



- at the Nativa Studio in Bandera, TX for workshops and 1:1 sessions, M/F/S

- at the Mucho Gusto Bed and Breakfast

- at Temple of Offering Basement Pop-Up

- at the Bandera Nursing and Rehabilitation Center


Nativa Wellbeing

M/W/S 9-2

Hill Country Location: Bandera, Texas

San Antonio: 1st & 3rd Friday in Temple Pop-Up

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