Nativa Salt Cleanse Set

salt + candle + alum

What is it?


Salt with Herbal Blend from the Nativa Garden

Alum Stone

White Candle

Aromatic Properties: Protective, Cleansing, Purifying

How do I use it?

Spiritual Bath: Follow the Ritual for Proper Use

Alum: You have many options! Dispel negativity in your sacred space by placing on your altar. Use as an aide to remove bad energy by "scrubbing" your body with the alum stone and then place on a charcoal. Divine the image that remains after the alum burns. Place in your room to protect you from nightmares.


Light a white candle at your workstation.


Bring 4 cups of  to boil and remove from the heat.


Add the Nativa Bad Vibe Neutralizer Blend stirring

counterclockwise until everything has dissolved. 


While the water is cooling and you are stirring like the powerful witchy woman you are, speak your intentions of clearing away any negativity or spiritual grime you feel like you’ve accumulated.


Once the water has cooled, go to the bathroom and take a shower to first cleanse your skin. After you have washed up, you can simply pour your cooled and strained bath down your body starting at your neck and working your way down.


Allow yourself to air dry as much as possible and then gently dry your skin with a towel. Step out of that shower and say something powerful to yourself in the mirror.