If you feel like donating...

I love building this space. I love writing, I love creating, I love sharing, I love listening, learning, growing.... I love my community and I love you. I work hard to bring my ideas to life and to share these creations with everyone. I was born to create environments of creativity and growth and nothing will stop this movement forward!

As you know, I work to provide affordable and accessible one on one energy sessions as well as workshops and learning opportunities for the community. I will never turn away anyone because of their financial situation.

If you feel compelled to drop a donation or tip, I would be very appreciative of that action. I am still in the beginner entrepreneur phase of Nativa Wellbeing and money helps me continue the work I do!

I work to help you develop your wellbeing by integrating individual practices with community support and to understand the fluid nature of your growth.

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