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Donate $25 per month and receive 1 session each month and a quarterly gift from the Nativa Shop.

Thank you for taking time to read this section. I began Nativa Wellbeing after finding my inner voice and realizing that I could help others connect with their power, joy, love and peace through energy healing and community engagement. Today, I work hard to ensure my services can be accessed by all who are ready for their wellness journey. I offer donation based Reiki to all and before the coronavirus pandemic, I offered free Reiki to the senior citizens at my local nursing home.


Your donations directly fund the expansion of my services to all in need of energy healing. I use the money I receive to be able to focus on developing my path in being a wellness facilitator, workshop instructor, and volunteer to communities who do not have easy access to these services. With your financial support, I can continue to offer affordable healing options and sliding scale events.


If you feel compelled to help Nativa Wellbeing in a financial capacity, I invite you to make a one time donation via PayPal or to sign up as a Patron on my Patreon Page. As a Patreon Patron, you can access monthly  healing, and seasonal Nativa Goods packages.


I appreciate your donation and hope that you will partake in a session with me or share my services with those who are need of healing.





Ashley provides donation based Reiki for all who are ready to begin their path to wellbeing. No amount is too small.


Distance Reiki will always be donation based. Ashley would love to make a space for you on her altar.


Ashley creates events that are free or low cost to bring together people to practice mindfulness together or just to have fun (Virtual PERREO PARTY)!


Nativa Wellbeing will return to volunteering at the local nursing home providing free Reiki to senior citizens when the pandemic risk is gone.