Nativa Energy Cleanse

bitter herb bath

What is it?


The Nativa Wellbeing Energy Cleanse is made with plants from my garden, love and prayer so that you may be able to clear away any negative energy that is stagnant in your spiritual and emotional body. Invoke the power of the plants and your spirit by setting your intention and following the Nativa Ritual online.

How do I use it?

Use one third of the bottle per cleanse*. Light a white candle and take a normal shower. After showering, pour the contents of the bath over you starting from your shoulders and allow the bath to run down your body. Imagine the bath picking up and neutralizing any negativity and refreshing your spirit. Thank yourself for believing in your own power and taking time for self-love.


Find a comfortable place and close your eyes. Imagine that a bright white light from above enters your crown and begins to flow through your body and your veins. As the light passes through, it picks up any pain, fear, or negativity that you allow to be released into it. Imagine the light carrying out the negativity through your pores where it may be washed away. Before using your bath, take 5 minutes to think about the negative energy that you wish to release. Speak it out loud asking that your intention, along with the plants contained in the bath, carry away the negativity and leave your body, mind and spirit free and open to love, compassion and care. As you use the wash, imagine it cleansing your aura and carrying away that which you have released.

I work to help you develop your wellbeing by integrating individual practices with community support and to understand the fluid nature of your growth.

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