Connect + Expand Membership

A space created to support you where you are in your path of self-love, growth and awareness. Enrollment for January: 12/02 - 12/20

You don't have to have your life completely in order to start living a more mindful life. You don't even need to know what it means to say "a mindful life" in order to learn and grow in your own way with compassion as your guide. All you need is to be curious about connecting deeper with your mind, body and authentic spirit. From there, you can expand further into your joy and peace.


Ashley created the Connect + Expand Membership as a resource and source of support for your own path and growth as you figure out in which ways mindful living can help you. Ashley loves teaching, helping and making healthy life changes enjoyable and looks forward to making space for you!

Sliding Scale Enrollment


    sliding scale



    sliding scale



    sliding scale

    $77 for 2

What's Included?

  • 1:1 Heart Opening


    Start your membership month with a hear opening conversation with Ashley Casillas. This chat can help you set intentions and better understand your present needs.

  • Lunar Sessions

    energy work

    Join our a special guest starting with Eden Hakimzadeh (!) for movement and sound on the new moon. Then join Ashley for full moon prep group Reiki!



    An exclusive members online magazine with journal prompts, supportive ideas, recipes, herbal remedies, love notes, & rituals for your own energy work.

  • Music + Meditations


    Special meditations according to the month's learning theme plus a playlist filled with music to set the mood. Ashley is feeling artsy and is going to throw in a visual piece, too.

  • Learning Pass

    mental stimulation

    Gain access to all the month's learning events and workshops. The calendar will always have at least 2 live and 1 pre-recorded options for you to choose from.

January 2021



Foundations of You, Your Focus & Clarity

Topics will include Root Chakra , Grounding Techniques, Mindfulness Meditation & Breath Awareness

This is where we begin &  build from our roots up. The following membership series will build off of what we learn in January.


Who is she?

Eden Hakimzadeh

Nativa Wellbeing loves Eden & the work that she is doing so much so that it only make sense that she be the first special guest of the Connect + Expand Series! Join in & explore your root chakra with Eden's help. What to Expect: Movement, Sound, Feelings of Strength, Tapping into Our Roots



Goodies For You

Grounded Grooves Playlist, Video Installation for Techniques to Support Focus & Grounding, YERBABUENA online zine filled with love notes and tips, 15% discount off all altar items in the Nativa Shop.


Lunar Love

Things to Look Forward to

Root Chakra Exploration with Eden

Ritual & Reiki for Grounding Strength with Ashley

Lunar Sessions with Movement, Meditation & Music

Surprise Session: Aromatic Stories for Our Roots as Told by Rahel, owner & creator of Door to the Cosmos.

  • How do I enroll & when does Connect + Expand begin?

    Sign Up: 12/02 - 12/20

    Enrollment occurs the month before membership begins on the 1st of every odd month. You can enroll by choosing the sliding scale option that honors your financial situation and filling out the accompanying introduction and agreement. You will receive the calendar password to the member's page and guide in your email before the month begins!

    Membership Months: January, March, May, July, September, November

    Enrollment: February, April, June, August, October, December

  • What is a Connect + Expand Membership?

    Here is what you can expect...

    Connect + Expand Membership is a way to be creatively involved in your wellbeing, mindfulness, and self-expression. Each membership month will be informed by the season's natural rhythms and the offerings will help you grow and cultivate in alignment with nature and your spirit.

    Each month you are guaranteed a 1:1 Heart Opening Conversation, Lunar Sessions of  Movement and Reiki, access to YERBABUENA, Curated Music & Meditations and an All-Access Learning Pass.

  • How long does membership last?

    One Month or Six Month Membership

    You have the option to sign up for the one month membership or for the six month membership pass.

    You can buy the one month pass the month before membership begins or the six month pass anytime during the year.

  • Who will be facilitating the Lunar Sessions?

    Ashley Casillas & Friends!

    Each Lunar Reiki Session will be led by Ashley Casillas and the Movement and Healing Lunar Sessions will be led by special guests who also happen to be people Ashley truly admires and is inspired by. Our first Lunar Session guest will be Eden Hakimzadeh!

    Check back here to see the upcoming calendar and lineup!

  • What is the cancellation and refund policy?

    All Sales are Final

    All sales are final and non-refundable. You will have access to workshop recordings and all materials regardless of if you attend the live events or not.

  • If you have a question, let me know!

    Feel free to send me an email.