Workshop Leaders

Wed, Nov 11
Personalized Self-Care Zine Making with Isabel Ann Castro (Sliding Scale)
Shorter days and colder temps are on the way... learn how to make a personalized self-care zine to help you remember how to take care of yourself when things get wintery! Isabel will guide us in making a simple zine with gently guided prompts for our own winter rescue resource.
Sun, Nov 15
Exploring Our Bodies with Irma of Dirty South Sex Ed (Sliding Scale)
Part 1 of The Pleasure Revolution Series! Let's get back to the basics, dispel some myths about our bodies and discover pleasure with body positivity, curiosity and love. Join in part one of the Pleasure Revolution Series to relearn anatomy with a sex-positive and inclusive lens!
Mon, Nov 23
Group Reiki and Full Moon Preparation (Sliding Scale)
If the full moon exhausts you like it does me, join! Let's prepare in advance by learning tricks to release physical & spiritual tension so we can find mindful ways to complete cycles & let go of our own internalized patterns of self sabotage! Expect: Ritual, Laughter, Serious Insight, Loving Reiki
Every Sunday Always
Meditation for Cultivating Love with Ashley Casillas (Every Sunday, Donation Based)
Start off your Sunday with Ashley Casillas (that's me) as we call in compassion from the depths of our souls (which may need some attention) in a guided meditation to cultivate joy even when times are tough. Together we can make time for a moment of joy. Donation Based. I can't wait to see you!
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Private YouTube Videos
Series: En la Cocina con Lorena Gomez / In the Kitchen with Lorena Gomez
Learn fresh and flavorful recipes from the kitchen of Lorena Gomez in Jalisco, México. October is the month of salsas and from experience, I can tell you... get ready, this is going to be good. (ongoing classes)