Nativa Herbal Bundle


What is it?


Scientific Name: Lavandula angustifolia

Common Name: Lavender

En Español: Lavanda

Aromatic Properties: Calming, Gentle, Loving

How do I use it?

Smudge: Promote gentle, loving kindness

To use as a smudge, light one end and allow the smoke to clear and refresh the air around you. To end use, extinguish by gently pressing into a fireproof container.

Incense: Promote gentle, loving kindness

To use as loose leaf incense, crumble into small pieces and place on a smoldering incense charcoal.


Lavender grows in temperate, arid climates and serves as a wonderful plant ally with its calming aroma and distinct flavor. Lavender grows easily in the Texas Hill Country. Its leaves can be used as an ingredient for savory and sweet dishes, as an herbal companion in tea, as incense when burned or as an ingredient in skincare. The flowers can be used similarly. If you grow lavender, you know the joy of just brushing up against the plant and inhaling its calming aroma.

Burning lavender is a wonderful way to bring calm and love into a space. Think about something that brings love to your heart. It could be a place, person, idea, color, memory... When you have that love in your heart, light your lavender and allow the smoke to surround your body. Move the smoke to areas of the space that need a little gentle, loving tlc.

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