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mexican mint marigold

What is it?


Scientific Name: Tagetes lucida

Common Name: Mexican Mint Marigold, Texas Tarragon

En Español: Pericón, Yerbanís

Nahuatl: Yauhtli (Herb of the Clouds)

Energy: Hot

Deity Associations: Tlaloc​

How do I use it?

Tea: Indigestion, Menstrual Cramps

Bring 8 ounces of water to a boil and remove from  heat. Add one tablespoon of the dried herb and cover. Allow to steep for 10 minutes, strain and enjoy plain or with honey.

Smudge: Connect with the Divine

To use as a smudge, light one end and allow the smoke to clear and refresh the air around you. To end use, extinguish by gently pressing into a fireproof container.

Incense: Connect with the Divine

To use as loose leaf incense, crumble into small pieces and place on a smoldering incense charcoal.


Tagetes lucida is hands down my favorite herb that grows with ease in Texas. As a native to México, this plant has a long story of use by the indigenous. This is a grandmother plant, a teacher and a connection with the divine.

The Aztecs had used this plant for medicinal, spiritual and culinary uses. It's leaves can be dried and used as incense for spiritual awakening, as a tea to calm gastrointestinal problems and as an ingredient to cacao to make a delicious chocolate drink. The huicholes have used this plant as a smoking blend with tobaco rusitico as a supplement to their vision quests. In Oaxaca where it grow wild in the mountains, this herb is often brewed in a strong tea to alleviate menstrual cramps.

I love this herb. I use it as incense, tea, ingredients to food, and as a special herb in my spiritual and energy cleansing baths.

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