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All options can be customized for virtual sessions.

Intention Consultation


currently donation based

45 minutes | In Person or via phone

If you feel like a shift in life needs to happen but need a helping hand to get started, let's break it down and figure it out. In the Intention Consultation, you will be given the space to understand how the various aspects of life including nutrition, self-love, sexuality and your sense of place affect your wellbeing. These experiences can aide you in understanding what you may need from others and yourself in order to reach your desired goals or state of being in the present.

You and I will work together to explore but always maintaining a state of self-awareness. I am here to help guide you to deeper self-understanding. Each consultation lasts 30 minutes and consists of an open dialogue and personalized meditations and take home mantras or exercises to help you connect and expand.


The door is open when you are ready.

- Consultation

- Intuitive Card Draw

- Personalized Mini Meditation

- Take Home Mental/Spiritual/Emotional Exercise

Clarity & Focus


currently donation based

75 minutes | In Person

Open your heart and mind and make space for you inner voice to express itself. Reiki for Clarity & Focus blends native plants with aromatherapy and Reiki to provide you with an energy healing session that is tailored to your mind, body and spirit's needs.

In your session, I will guide you in a meditation that helps you connect with your inner voice and then tailor an energy healing experience that includes plants and other tools that help to foster a clearer mindset and ability to implement focus for growth. Aromatherapy will be introduced as a supplement to your healing experience.


Each session involves the following:


-Oracle Card Reading

-Intention Setting

-Guided Meditation


-Customized Reiki* Session with Plants & Natural Elements

-Herbal Elixir

Grounding & Protection


currently donation based

75 minutes | In Person

Experience the feeling and practice of being present in your own life with the Grounding & Protection session. This healing session involves an oracle card reading, guided meditations, and energy healing techniques which include Reiki, plant medicine, and mindfulness exercises.

​Your session will begin with a guided visualization to find strengthen your grounding energy. We will then focus on a guided meditation followed with a foot rub. You will then experience a customized healing and Reiki session to introduce your body, mind and spirit to feelings of being grounded and protected. At the end of your session, you can enjoy a tea that contains strengthening herbs.

Each session involves the following:

-Oracle Card Reading
-Intention Setting
-Grounding Foot Rub
-Customized Reiki* Session with Plants & Natural Elements
-Herbal Elixir

Making Space for Self-Love


currently donation based

75 minutes | In Person

It is sometimes hard to have a loving relationship with your inner self due to many factors that have taken place throughout our lifetime. Give yourself a moment to be taken care of and time to experience a gentle and loving healing session. This offering includes a guided meditation and introspection, conversation, and a tailored energy healing session to help open your heart to allow for love to flow freely to your self.


During this session, you will have the space to understand more about what may be blocking you and how to begin to cultivate and accept love towards your own body, mind and spirit. The plants and tools used in this session are choses to allow for strength in vulnerability and acceptance of love. 

Each session involves the following:


-Oracle Card Reading

-Guided Meditation

-Tailored Native Plant Work

-Customized Reiki* Session with Plants & Natural Elements

-Herbal Elixir


Donation Based

Typical Reiki sessions cost $75 per hour.

50 minutes | In Person

20 minutes | Phone

A Reiki session with Nativa is an interactive experience in which you are given space to acknowledge your current state of being by slowing down your breath and tapping into your physical, emotional and spiritual awareness. We begin with a brief conversation and intuitive card draw and then move to the bodywork table. After your session, you will have time to be still and feel your calmness. I will share with you any feedback and you can ask any questions you need. I love Reiki because it is an interactive healing modality that allows you to tune into your body, soul and spirit.

Distance Healing is a 20-30 minute session in which you and I work together, but through distance. Before the day of your session, you will receive a short questionnaire. The day of, we will have a brief phone chat. Once the chat is over, we will hang up and all you have to do is get into a comfortable position either in silence or listening to a curated playlist I will share with you. I will be actively sending you reiki to your different physical and energetic needs from my healing altar. When the session is complete, we will follow up with a phone call at a set time.

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is administered by laying hands on or above the persons body and helps to improve energetic flow and break through blockages. Reiki promotes deep relaxation allowing our bodies to regain a healthy energetic flow and healing where it is needed.

It is with great love and respect to the Japanese art of Reiki and the history of hand healing that I provide this service to you.

Self Care Package at Mucho Gusto B&B

$250 Day Pass

$350 Overnight Stay

currently unavailable

3 - 3.5 hours | In Person

3 - 3.5 hours + Overnight Stay in the Agave Casita (2 Bed/1 Bath) | In Person

Make a day for self-care and love at the Mucho Gusto Bed & Breakfast with Nativa Wellbeing. When you book your experience, you are reserving a quiet time for your energetic and emotional needs in an environment surrounded by plants, thoughtful design and plenty of space to walk in nature. Enjoy food and drink blended with everyday herbalism, spend some time in the sauna, and receive a blended healing session on the hilltop in the screened in glamping cabins. The specifics of each energy session varies according to your needs but will include the following activities:


  • Medicinal Shrub Mocktail

  • Guided Meditation for You

  • Up to 30 Minute Infrared Sauna Session

  • Grounding Foot Rub

  • Your Choice of Energy Healing Session

  • Free Time in Nature and Cabin Space for Journaling, Art, or a Nap!

  • Healthy Snacks & Herbal Tea Served at the Cabin

If you are interested in including mindfulness in your next gathering, please reach out via email to set up a planning appointment! I look forward to helping you incorporate healing into your next event.

Group Healing


currently unavailable

90 minutes | In Person

There is something special about working on the spirit and energy in a group setting. When you hire Nativa for group work, Ashley will get in touch with you to help you set your intention and customize the 90 minutes to allow the group to develop connections with their self and their community. Group sessions vary in style of offerings but include the following activities:


  • Guided Meditations

  • Visualization

  • Creative Introspection

  • Energy Cleansing Rituals

  • Intention Setting

  • Reiki Infused Closing Meditation 

If you are interested in including mindfulness in your next gathering, please reach out via email to set up a planning appointment! I look forward to helping you incorporate healing into your next event.

Sacred Space Design Consult


currently unavailable

120 minutes | In Person

Every mindfulness practice begins with finding a space to be present. Ashley Casillas has many years of experience in converting plain spaces into healing and comfortable environments. If you are looking to include your own sacred space in your home, office or studio, let Ashley help guide you. When you work with Ashley, you can be sure that the space you create will be in alignment with your mental, emotional, and spiritual needs and have an aesthetic that makes you feel good.

Sacred Space Design Consults consist of the following:


  • 2 hour consultation including setting intention and laying out your vision

  • 15% discount on all Nativa Wellbeing goods

  • A written proposal of your sacred space design within 2 days

  • Advice and direction on how to create a space that is unique yet flexible to change and adapt

  • A Nativa Altar Set

If you have any questions or would like to set up a consultation, please send an email to ashley@nativawellbeing.com.


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