• Ashley Casillas

2020: Small Healthy Changes

Week One: More Water, More Vegetables, More Fruit + 3 Minute Daily Meditation + Sunday Yin Yoga Link

Morning Changes:

  • Wake up and drink a glass of room temperature water. Take it a step further and add the juice of the half a lemon to warm water!

  • If you don't usually eat breakfast, start! Keep it simple to begin... eat a piece of fruit!

  • If you already eat breakfast, take a moment to think if there is anything you can adjust to bring in more nutrients, or cut out things that aren't the best for you.

Snacks! Bring in the Vegetables!

  • Cut up some veggies that you can pack and eat raw with hummus or any other real food dip (real food, meaning you know what all the ingredients are)

And then find 3 minutes for mindfulness.

  • Practice 3 minutes of mindfulness. Set a timer for 3 minutes or download the Insight App and set it for 3 minutes. Close your eyes and follow your breath with you mind. When you begin to think of things, mentally say goodbye to those thoughts and re-focus on your breath. This is tough for first timers. It's ok if you "can't do it." Meditation and mindfulness requires practice (just like any other new activity). If you practice 3 minutes a day, you will be surprised at how much easier it becomes the following week!

One day out of the week, try this super gentle Yin Yoga routine by Kassandra


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