• Ashley Casillas

Black Lives Matter: A note for people who say all lives matter.

This is a post for anyone who has every used the phrase All Lives Matter in response to Black Lives Matter.

At this time in the U.S., many people often mistake visible progress and the words said in the news as the true markers of the current state or situation in the lives of others. They see the diversity in our cities and think, "See? How can racism exist when we are all in this together?" They see visible displays of fraternity and support touted by the press.

What you have the privilege to see in a bustling place where diversity exists and thrives is not a direct representation of what is happening in the life of anyone but yourself. By only using examples of what you see in places you go as the marker for social truths, you are effectively closing your ears to the stories from the people themselves, and only perceiving what you can see through the lens of your own life experience.

Take a moment and imagine, could someone look at you and actually know what you are are going through? What you have gone through? What you actually need? Let me answer that for you: no. Nobody can just look at you or hear through somebody else about you and actually KNOW who you are, what you need and what you go through.

So you say: "but all lives matter." - but are you being persecuted, followed, assaulted and killed because your skin is white?

So "all lives matter" - but are the police, court and penal systems treating all cases with equal judgement and punishment regardless of race?

So "all lives matter" - can you 100% say that we live in a society free of racism and filled with equality?

If you think all lives matter but acknowledge these racial discrepancies, why do you continue to ignore what the Black community has been telling you ever year, every month and every day? Why is it so hard for you to say, Black lives matter and the violence and injustice must be dealt with NOW?

And if you think we live in a society that is equal and just and that this issue is something that does not need to be dealt with; let me just let you know: you're a racist and need to do so work.


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