• Ashley Casillas

Easing into Healthy Living in 2020

Coming up starting on January 2, 2020, I will be posting a weekly health and wellbeing challenge to ease us into adopting sustainable healthy habits for the year. Instead of going cold turnkey or full throttle, we are starting off with easy changes and then working our way into more complex ways of being healthy and mindful. By the end of the month, your body and mind will be ready for a full blow vegan style cleanse!

Why take it slow?

Yes, some people are great at making choices and sticking to them, but me personally, I need to make small changes that lead to other better choices. I want to be able to have a long term, sustainably healthy life rather than trying to get healthy/fit quick.

If this is something you would enjoy, stay tuned each Sunday of January for the new week's challenge.

Week One: More Water, More Vegetables, More Fruit + 3 Minute Daily Meditation + Sunday Yin Yoga Link

Week Two: Less Stimulants, Less Sugar, Less Dairy + 5 Minute Daily Meditation + Hatha Yoga Flow Link

Week Three: Vegetarian Plan + 5 Minute Daily Meditation + Daily Walk

Week Four: Vegan Plan + 8 Minute Daily Meditation + Journaling Activities

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