• Ashley Casillas

January 2020 Events

Exciting things are coming up! Stay tuned in the Nativa Calendar for updates and new things being added.

Weekly on the Blog: Health Week Challenges (Starting with small changes then going into a full blown 5 day vegan cleanse diet)!

January 5, 2020: Lunch & Nature Walk!

January 25, 2020: Collaboration with Monica Sosa of Rest to Resist. Intention Setting through Collage and Movement (more information in January)

January 31, 2020: Announcement of 2020 Self and Community Love Book Club!

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Nativa Wellbeing offers donation based Reiki to those who are ready to begin a life based in awareness, presence, and love. The reason this energy healing is donation based is because Ashley wants this practice to be the new norm of self care for anyone who is open to leaning into love.

Your donations as well as purchases of Nativa Wellbeing goods not only allow for her affordable sessions to continue, but also for her to be able to continue free Reiki for the senior citizens at the Bandera Nursing and Rehabilitation Center.

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I work to help you develop your wellbeing by integrating individual practices with community support and to understand the fluid nature of your growth.

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