• Ashley Casillas

October Events, Workshops & Classes!

I am so excited for October for many reasons! October is my favorite month when the air chills and the vibes get witchy plus it happens to be my birthday month and I love being a Libra... hahaha I'll stop here because if I keep going, it just gets selfish.

Anyway! This October is going to be exceptionally great because I finally got my act together and put together programming for a calendar full of learning opportunities, growth and beauty! I have been wanting to do this for a long time but the stars hadn't aligned quite right in the past. But today is the present and I am happy to announce that Nativa Wellbeing will be continually providing classes and events all year long that will be led by incredibly talented individuals.

All classes, events and workshops have sliding scale ticket options and are open to all who are ready to learn, grow and share with honesty and compassion. This is a space in which individual, intergenerational and community healing can occur as long as we build together and listen with an open heart. Programming is curated to build a platform of creativity and healing modalities where we can discover new ways to open ourselves to our truths and ever changing paths of growth.

You have many options. You can sign up for any event you want and attend the live session or receive the recorded session and accompanying materials. All sessions include an online zine which contains the information covered in the session and more! Other offerings include pre-recorded classes, such as the Cooking with Lorena series, which will continually be updated with new recipes!

If all the offerings look like something you want to join, try a Month Pass! This too is sliding scale and auto renews each month until you cancel. I personally think it's a great deal and if I weren't the creator of this content, I'd subscribe!

I hope you enjoy what is to come and truly hope to see you in the online workshops or to be able to share the materials and recordings with you! Please feel free to contact me with any questions!

If you feel so inclined, please share what's going on with your friends. I can't continue to do this without your help and appreciate your support and willingness to share with others. Thank you and looking forward to seeing you soon!