• Ashley Casillas

Personal Statement

I am doing this work because this is something I feel I am meant to do. I care deeply about helping people find their voice, understand their unique individuality but also celebrating their role in community. I also want to connect people with spaces that reverberate with peace, creativity, connection and expansion. I promise to give you space to be at ease with your discomfort; I will not judge you. I will always work to make sure my services can reach all communities. I will honor your boundaries and always listen with an open heart.

I am not going to heal you but I will help facilitate your growth in the path you choose for your own healing process. Finding your healing path happens when you are open to doing the work and also expanding within yourself and the community.

That being said, I will also honor myself. My space and services require respect from my side as well as yours. My boundaries and space are sacred and anyone who comes to my space must be respectful of my space and energy. I also ask that you ask yourself if you are ready to put in the work before you come for Reiki or any other energy healing session. This is an effort that we will go into together.

If you are ready, I am here.


I work to help you develop your wellbeing by integrating individual practices with community support and to understand the fluid nature of your growth.

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