• Ashley Casillas

Sometimes I Caffeine & Other Times I Don't.

I love coffee. I love it's aroma, it's subtle and sometimes not so subtle flavors, the way it makes my head feel in the morning when I take my first sip. I swore I wasn't addicted until I took it out of my diet for a week. That is when I realized that I was addicted and needed to find balance.

I was initially curious about what life would be like if I didn't consume caffeine on a daily basis. In the past, and when I don't truly take care of myself in the present, I am prone to pangs of anxiety, depression, and insomnia. As I started to make changes in my diet in the past, I realized that my depression had been relieved but I was still waking up at times with a racing heart or that I simply could not sleep or stay asleep when I got into bed at night. I had heard many of my friends tell me that going off caffeine relieved their issues of insomnia and anxiety so I decided to give it a try.

The first day without coffee was quite sad. I felt like my joy had been taken away as I sipped on a green juice and I experienced a true lack of happiness. As the day progressed, I suffered from constant, dull headaches and fatigue that I couldn't shake. By the end of the day, I realized that my day had been mediocre solely due to the fact that I didn't consume 8 ounces of a drug I had been using for 13 years. I was addicted and I needed a detox.

After a week of going caffeine free, something magical happened. My body readapted to utilizing non-stimulating substances to please my tastebuds, my moods were more balanced, I felt natural energy when I awoke in the morning, there were reduced feelings of anxiety and most incredibly, I experienced a higher quality of sleep. A deep sleep that lasted throughout the entire night!

I continued on this caffeine free diet for another couple of weeks and got to experiment with other warming morning drinks. I have found so many wonderful alternatives, that I now wake up excited to drink herbal lattes, teas, and smoothies.

I have now found my balance. I am caffeine free Monday through Friday and indulge in my coffee on the weekends. It has been a wonderful shift for me personally as I now feel more in tune with my body and can perceive much more subtle messages that my mind, body and spirit are sending me.

Stay tuned on the blog for my favorite caffeine free drink recipes and go ahead and replace your coffee every once in a while with something caffeine free. It's tough, but for me, completely worth it.


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