• Ashley Casillas

The Problem with Health

Health is that elusive goal that so many strive for but seem unable to obtain. Why? Is it because health is impossible? Is it because some people are just not meant to be healthy?

The way I see it is the problem with Health is a problem of language. Health has been equated with physical aspects of the human body. While our body does act as a general guidebook to what is happening on the inside, it should not take the place of the all encompassing realm of health.

Health starts small. It starts when you decide to make a positive change in your life because you honor your authenticity. Your authenticity was so bright and outspoken as a child. Maybe you devoured poetry, listened without heed to the beats of artists speaking directly to you through the speakers of your stereo carefully set so you didn't hear static, maybe you ran nonstop from one side of a playing field to another with sweat dripping in your eyes and a stench that could be smelled across town, maybe you cared deeply for yourself and others without shame.

Whatever it was that you did as a child, before adults told you that you had to modify yourself to fit in with society, is demonstrative of what it is like to live your truth.

The problem with health is that we listen to others tell us general rules about how to lose weight fast, reverse the aging process, get glowing skin overnight, etc, etc... You are just as unique as that flower that has sprung up in the corner of the garden where nobody has tended yet it blooms wildly.

Health begins with a decision that comes from the heart. Health begins with a decision that comes from love. You have been, are now, and always will be that flower that wants to grow and bloom unrestrained. When you are ready, stop listening to what you "should" do and start listening to yourself. Making one good decision and sticking to it will eventually lead to another good decision and with that, you've already begun to walk on your own path to health.