• Ashley Casillas

Week One of 2020

Don't stress out, we have a whole year to generate change and good things take time, practice and patience.

Instead of thinking that you have to eat right, meditate, exercise, live a sustainable life, read more books, etc. etc. etc. all in the month of January, why don't you take this week to make some plans and get honest with yourself?

I challenge you this week to write out your intentions for any of the following categories. After writing your intentions, write what your main challenges are to achieving those goals and what you can do to work smarter.

  1. Physical Health

  2. Mental Health

  3. Spiritual Health

  4. Community Health

  5. Relationship Health

  6. Self-Care

  7. Self-Love

  8. Education

  9. Professional Life

  10. Money & Finances

I am always interested to hear what you have to say! If you feel like it, send me an email with your intentions! I will check back with you intermittently... you can consider me your accountability amiga.


I work to help you develop your wellbeing by integrating individual practices with community support and to understand the fluid nature of your growth.

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