Nativa Herbal Bundle


What is it?


Scientific Name: Rosmarinus officinalis

Common Name: Rosemary

En Español: Romero

Aromatic Properties: Clarity, Memory, Longevity, Protecton

How do I use it?

Smudge: Bring clarity to mind, heart, and protect spirit

To use as a smudge, light one end and allow the smoke to clear and refresh the air around you. To end use, extinguish by gently pressing into a fireproof container.

Incense: Bring clarity to mind, heart, and protect spirit

To use as loose leaf incense, crumble into small pieces and place on a smoldering incense charcoal.


Just because a plant is easy found in your kitchen spice cabinet doesn't mean it is to be taken lightly as a magical plant ally! Rosemary has a long history as being an aide in protective work as well as an aromatic ally for memory and mental clarity. Burning rosemary as incense is a wonderful way to work with memory to heal or to provide clarity in a present issue.

If you find you are indecisive or having a hard time thinking something through, ask that the rosemary help you gain insight and clarity into the situation. Burn the rosemary as you sit and breath in a calm and meditative manner. Ask your question out loud and allow the aroma of rosemary to permeate your thoughts. Have a journal nearby in case you need to write down thoughts.

Smelling the rosemary smudge without burning it is also a great way to give your mind a clarity boost!

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