This is for the Black & Indigenous community worldwide - please use 555 upon checkout to receive 10% off any 1:1 session, membership and/or purchase from the Nativa Shop.

This code is for Black and Indigenous folks only.

Nativa Wellbeing began as a way to share healing and creative experiences with the community based off of personal spiritual and creative practices. Throughout my own life story, I have found ways to connect and expand within my spiritual and physical world through meditation, prayer, creativity and ancestor work. With love, compassion and honesty, I continue to find my way.

During this journey, I have spiritually grown to know my grandmother I never got to meet in life. She has taught me so much about courage, strength, compassion, vulnerability and forgiveness. As a Black woman raised in East Texas in a white community by a white family, she experienced many traumatic moments and never had anyone to help her deal with her pain and doubt or understand her own life story. The more I begin to grow in my own story, the more I feel connected to my past ancestors. I know that it is of utmost importance that my work heal not only myself, but be extended to my family, ancestors and my community.


One time a while back, I prayed for my grandmother to send me a sign. Something to let me know that she was proud or that she even recognized me from her home in the heavens. A week later I received a yes in the form of 555 showing up in a variety of ways in a short amount of time...It started with a dream which told me to look at a road sign for no particular reason and then a day later while driving and feeling deja vu I looked up at a road sign, to see the numbers 555. I felt a spark of something in my heart, so I asked for another sign if this was her and immediately a car passed in front of me with the last numbers on the license plate being 555. Later that day, I received a phone call from one number to my phone and another call at the same time from another number to David's phone exactly at 5:55 pm.

To some, this may seem like a series of events that are just a coincidence. But to me, even stronger than the numbers reoccurring in my life was the strong feeling of connection and bond with something beyond the physical life. A mutual respect and love shared between life and death. A knowing that I carry my grandmother and my ancestors stories with me in my blood. It is through this connection that I grow and wish to be there to support and share love with my community in the ways I know best.



Choose the session, sliding scale pay option and date and time that works for you. Answer the questionnaire, electronically sign and then submit! You will receive a confirmation email with your zoom meeting information.



Please choose the price that works with your financial situation. Donations can be added to total to help continue the sliding scale format. If you would like all access to the classes and workshops, get the monthly pass! If you are Black or Indigenous, please use the code below for 10% off all 1:1 sessions.



Before your appointment, find a space where you can be without interruption. Have water or a nice herbal tea at hand. You can also have a pen and paper nearby as well as a blanket so you can be comfy & ready to jot down ideas. Personally, I love to make a little self-love nest... give it a try!



Your session begins with a conversation to engage in a creative way of viewing your present. This is followed by a personalized meditation which leads into distance Reiki. You will a follow up email with insight and ideas to help you continue the vibe.

Sliding Scale

I offer sliding scale because this work is meant to be shared with all. We come from different financial situations but there is space for everyone since the sliding scale is a supportive form of compensation for everyone, including myself.

I trust you to choose the price range that fits your financial situation. Those of you who have ample resources to spend help sustain this model by choosing the upper end of the scale. If you are struggling financially, please choose the lower end of the scale. All compensation helps me to continue to provide these services to the whole community and to pay the leaders of monthly workshops.

In addition to sliding scale, I also offer monthly memberships and learning passes as well as the option to add on a donation. Your support directly helps me to sustain and grow this business and continue to reach out to all who need support in this way.

Please choose your pay scale within the framework of honesty.

Thank you to Jennifer Patterson of Corpus Ritual for sharing her sliding scale philosophy and knowledge. Through her website and podcast, I was able to create a sliding scale format that works for Nativa Wellbeing.

Please be sure to check out her offerings if you need Breathwork. I love her book, The Power of Breathwork and highly recommend you check it out!

Thank you, grandmas.