Choose the session, sliding scale pay option and date and time that works for you. Answer the questionnaire, electronically sign and then submit! You will receive a confirmation email with your zoom meeting information.



Payment is accepted via PayPal for all the sliding scale options. Donations can be added to total to help continue the sliding scale format. If you enjoy your session with Nativa Wellbeing, please spread the word!



You do not need anything special for your appointment besides a space where you can be without interruption. You can also have a pen and paper nearby as well as a blanket so you can be comfy & ready to jot down ideas.



Your session begins with a conversation to engage in a creative way of viewing your present. This is followed by a personalized meditation which leads into distance Reiki. You will a follow up email with insight and ideas to help you continue the vibe.



Booking will open after I settle down in México with David around October 2020. Thank you for your continued support and patience as I move through my own transitions!

Thank you for your interest in booking a session with me. It is with great joy and love in my heart that I extend these offerings to you and provide a sliding scale option for payment.


My purpose in life is to connect and expand within myself and my community through creativity, mindfulness, nature and design. I created Nativa Wellbeing to share what I learn with others through creative and healing approaches. The work that is done in these sessions is a blend of real life connections, emotional awareness and spiritual gratitude. We will work together to find your own voice and path to cultivating a loving and honest relationship with your spirit and community.


I offer sliding scale because I believe that this work is meant to be shared with all. We come from different financial situations but there is space for everyone since the sliding scale is a supportive form of compensation for everyone, including myself.

I trust you to choose the price range that fits your financial situation. Those of you who have ample resources to spend help sustain this model by choosing the upper end of the scale. If you are struggling financially, please choose the lower end of the scale. All compensation helps me to continue to provide these services to the whole community (which is why I am here).

In addition to sliding scale, I also offer the option to add on a donation which directly helps me to sustain and grow this business and continue to reach out to all who need support in this way.

I am so grateful for you and your support. I am also thankful to all the the therapists I had seen who provided sliding scale when I needed it.

This is a no shame zone. Choose what you need and please be honest.


Thank you to Jennifer Patterson of Corpus Ritual for sharing her sliding scale philosophy and knowledge. Through her website and podcast, I was able to create a sliding scale format that works for Nativa Wellbeing.

Please be sure to check out her offerings if you need Breathwork. I love her book, The Power of Breathwork and highly recommend you check it out!

Intention Consultation (Online)


sliding scale

45 minutes | In Person or via phone

An Intention Consultation is a space for us to discover your path to get to the heart of what you wish to manifest. If you feel like a shift in life needs to happen but need a helping hand to get started, let's break it down and figure it out. In the Intention Consultation, you will be given the space to understand how the various aspects of life including nutrition, self-love, sexuality and your sense of place affect your wellbeing. These experiences can aide you in understanding what you may need from others and yourself in order to reach your desired goals or state of being in the present.

- Consultation

- Intuitive Card Draw

- Personalized Mini Meditation

- Take Home Mental/Spiritual/Emotional Exercise

Cultivating Mindfulness (Online)

$35 per Session

$120 for 4 Sessions

30 minutes | Zoom

This is a short and personalized meeting (or series of meetings) where we can begin to create a mindfulness routine for your needs. Let's discover more about you and how to tap into your intuition and heart for healing and growth. Together we can create a mindfulness routine for your needs and expand into weekly practices.

This is a great option for anyone who has been curious about living a more mindful life and to discover how meditation, mindful nutrition and herbalism, altar work, or simple breathing techniques can be introduced into life with ease.

I strongly promote building through understanding and gradual small steps rather than huge radical change.

1:1 Energy Session (Online)


sliding scale

60 minutes | Online

1:1 Energy Sessions are available for anyone who is ready to make space to rest in breath awareness and engage in a mindful discovery of your inner voice.  Each session is tailored to your needs and intentions.

This is a space where we will work together to invite rest and breath in to help make space for clarity, focus, self-love, and protection. I enjoy theses sessions so much because each one is different.

Sessions include the following:

-open conversation about your present state of being
-personalized meditation

In Person Reiki Session 

Sliding Scale

currently unavailable

75 minutes | In Person

A Reiki session with Nativa is an interactive experience in which you are given space to acknowledge your current state of being by slowing down your breath and tapping into your physical, emotional and spiritual awareness. We begin with a brief conversation and intuitive card draw and then move to the bodywork table. After your session, you will have time to be still and feel your calmness. I will share with you any feedback and you can ask any questions you need. I love Reiki because it is an interactive healing modality that allows you to tune into your body, soul and spirit.

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is administered by laying hands on or above the persons body and helps to improve energetic flow and break through blockages. Reiki promotes deep relaxation allowing our bodies to regain a healthy energetic flow and healing where it is needed.

It is with great love and respect to the Japanese art of Reiki and the history of hand healing that I provide this service to you.