Ashley is a gem. I started seeing her for distance reiki sessions in April as I was in need of energy healing services and support at the height of the shelter in place orders. I was feeling the heaviness as a highly sensitive person and Ashley made me feel more balanced. Chakra check in, guided meditation, and recommendations for how to tap into spirituality as well as taking care during spiritual detox are always spot on and welcome. She is truly a light in these dark times and I am looking forward to continuing our work together. Would highly recommend that all my fellow empaths out there connect with her energy sooner than later. You will not be disappointed.


August 1, 2020

Ashley of Nativa Wellbeing helped me learn meditation techniques through a Reiki session which I continue to use. I have also attended an altar building session that was fun and enlightening. I use the energy cleansing salts after every bath, and they really are soothing physically and mentally.


August 1, 2020

Nativa Wellbeing is absolutely amazing. Ashley, the owner and facilitator, is highly skilled and knowledgeable. I recently had a reiki session with her - I left feeling grounded, relaxed, and more open. Before the session, she talked me through what to expect and engaged me in a discussion about using my inner resources and intuition to assist with the healing process. She made me coffee, provided me with a card reading, and guided me through a short meditation. She helped me feel comfortable and stay present, holding space for me when I was tearful.

She also makes beautiful tools folks can use on their own to assist with healing including energy cleansing baths, herb bundles, and teas. I've used two energy cleansing baths previously - (1) they smell amazing, (2) she provides instructions on the bottle regarding how to engage in a meditation and set a healthy intention to release negativity you may be holding on to in your mind, body, and spirit.

What I appreciate about Ashley is her belief that reiki should be assessable to all - she provides donation based services to women and volunteers her services to her local nursing home free of charge. She is a joy-filled person who provides a refreshing perspective to all who she interacts with!


January 2020

I found Ashley when I was looking through the resources of dozens of practitioners in the mindfulness space. I was drawn to Nativa Wellbeing because of the honest, raw approach to mindfulness and wellbeing - one that acknowledges every individual person's unique circumstances and the ways that they learn and interact with mindfulness. In my exchanges with Ashley I could tell that she is someone who truly understands that mindfulness is a process and not an easy button you press. Her energy in the videos was truly radiant and real, something so refreshing in all the highly calculated, refined guides and videos I had previously gone through. I loved that the guides were tangible and had practical tools, and that they didn't have superficial, inauthentic ideas of what it means to take care of yourself. I would highly recommend Ashley's work and particularly the Mindful Life guide - I think this is a tool anyone can benefit from.


August 26, 2019

I had my first reiki experience today with Ashley Casillas and have been thinking about what I took from it. Quite honestly Ashley deserves a post about the gift of light she is. I understand that we all calibrate our own compass differently but I believe with all my heart that everyone can benefit from the numerous ways in which Nativa Wellbeing provides guidance in meditation and self-exploration. Here is a tiny bit on how I have processed my reiki session. Please visit Ashley, explore her journey through her lovely page, and thank her for opening up such an important and needed space in our community ✨
This all might sound like a lot of nothing to many, but today’s reiki session brought something back in me that I thought I’d lost: Clarity and Intention. All while Ashley worked through my energy, I allowed myself to become vulnerable in the presence of the most beautiful sunbeams filtering through the high windows in the room. They hit my face with such warmth almost sedating me, and allowed me to lay in silence without fidgeting, truly focusing on my breathing. The sounds of singing bowls.. in that moment I forgot about all that doesn’t feel too good right now, and I got to see images of my favorite memories in the viewfinder inside my brain. I feel silly not being able to adequately explain what this session did for me, but if I say one thing about it is that I left feeling exactly how I want to feel on a more consistent basis. And all it took was to take a leap. The next few weeks will come with a number of tests and life changes, but having sorted out mental roadblocks in the stillness of this time at Nativa Wellbeing better prepared me to trust the bellyful of joy that’s coming my way :)) ♥️
My medicine bouquet: Stars and Nebula ⁣⁣
Our tea choice: fresh oregano and lemon balm



August 31, 2019

I work to help you develop your wellbeing by integrating individual practices with community support and to understand the fluid nature of your growth.

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